Tips to run properly for children

According to experts, the “running” which is performed at moderate intensity and adapted to the physical condition of each child is a good choice. We have all seen that children mimic the actions of their elders. So when the question comes “Papa, can I join?” We must be prepared. “Running for a child must be, above all, a game,” explains Dr. Eva Ferrer Vidal-Barraquer, author of the book “Change your life, get to run” (Ediciones Oniro). “It is always easier to do sport if it is a fun activity that he does not feel like an obligation,” he adds. That is, he continues, “if we decide to go jogging with them, we have to approach it as a moment of pleasure and let them give their opinion at any time about it.”
Ferrer also recommended following a set of guidelines that can lead to the child continue with this hobby throughout his life. Psychologically it is important, says this doctor, “that the child receives positive reinforcement from their parents. If they explain to their children what they feel when running, children will understand. But great care. Keep in mind that children are not small adults, they have special characteristics that must be taken into account. For this, we need to be flexible and adapt physical activity the child, and their ability to get accustom to exercise “. In this article, we will give you tips to run properly for children.

How to involve a child in the ‘running’

First of all, tips to run properly for children, parents must be “sensible” and “responsible”, says Ferrer. “That child will never feel he is an obligation. It must be a game and as such a fun activity. ” To do this, there are a number of tricks that parents can always start. For example, choose a circuit or room to run is not boring. “Thus, the familiar phrases” get tired “,” I’m bored “will not appear, or as little, they take to say. We must be realistic” said this doctor. Another advice is to take the small open spaces between nature, beach, park … So feel free. Besides the adult will discover firsthand flowers, trees … and many other things that you probably have not ever set previously. ” And besides, “the child get off steam, they said our grandmothers. And that is something we all appreciate. ” Out of all tips to run properly for children, this is the most important.
This would be the plan to follow that appears in the book “Change of life, please run”, which is programmed according to the child’s age:

The smallest up to 5 years

If the running is the chosen activity has to take into account that doctors and coaches advise not to start running below age five. Until then certain maturity is not reached in the manner and posture required to run, the child is easier to get the injury. “And as we have said before we recall the doctorate, if we want the child to enjoy it, should be part of a game and he feels he is not forced, we do not go with demands.” For kids at this age, it is advisable to opt for best shoes for plantar fasciitis . Continue reading “Tips to run properly for children” »

Trampolining is a fun sport activity

If you’re looking for a new way to add some fun to your backyard activities the upcoming season, have you considered purchasing a trampoline? trampolines  are not only fun, but also great workout for you and your kids. And of course, this activity get family members out of the house, away from the tv screen, computer and games  to the fresh air!

A few things you will need to bear in mind before choosing a trampoline. They are available in various sizes and forms to satisfy your bouncing needs, but you really need to buy a trampoline that is in proportion with the available back yard space . Also keep in mind choosing the trampoline not only based on its size, but also safety reasons. Once you have this information, you can start looking for a trampoline that matches your lifestyle and maybe even for some additional accessories to further enhance the fun .

Choosing a best trampoline isn’t easy as there are many websites available that offer tons of information about trampoline reviews. You can find answers to any questions you might have regarding styles of trampolines, parts, safety concerns and even health benefits. Using our guide, you can purchase the complete set online and have it shipped directly to your door!


One good source of information is Amazon. They have lots of trampolines and accessories and sometimes offer free shipping. Were you aware that you can pick different colors for your trampoline’s mat?  Amazon lets you select from few different colored materials. Additionally they offer a UV protection, heavy-duty webbing that is sewn onto the perimeter of the mat and increases the life of stitching. That’s great for saving time and money in consideration of not having to buy replacement parts as often. Amazon sometimes has the lowest  trampoline prices  to suit every budget. Additionally they free return policy what makes the decision quite easy. Their website is very informative with lots to see and you can visit them online

Following some research and checking out all of the alternatives, for those who have decided to buy a trampoline, you and your family members can have a great time bouncing your way to fun in a healthy and safe way!
Trampolining is a fun sport activity, while offering a good workout for the whole family. Once you build up the love for the trampoline in the minds of the family, they will get out of the house and break the non-active habits of watching TV, sitting on computer and gaming. So if you have been looking for purchasing a trampoline, here are some useful ideas to help you in buying the right one. Continue reading “Trampolining is a fun sport activity” »

Everything you should know about Longboard Wheels

Longboard wheels are the most important component that makes up a complete longboard. Also, longboard decks and trucks typically outlast the wheels after some heavy skating so more than likely, you will have to replace your wheels at some point. With that being said, knowing about longboard wheels and what’s out there will certainly help. If you are interested in any of the wheels, you should choose ones from best longboard brands.

Everything Longboard Wheels


Here is some general information about longboard wheels and what effect their characteristics have on your skating. Typically, longboarding wheels are designed with speed and traction in mind. Longboard wheel hardness or softness is specified by the durometer. Lower durometer urethane compositions like 75A are used for improved “grippy-ness”. However, lower durometers mean the wheel is softer so under the weight of the rider, the wheel doesn’t maintain perfect roundness which affects its ability to roll which is why higher durometer wheels are typically favored for speed. You need to find a balance between traction and speed that meets your skating style. The contact patch, which is the length of wheel that’s in contact with the ground, is typically higher to achieve more contact area with the ground. The front profile of the wheel can vary depending on what discipline it’s used for. For hard carving where traction is a priority, the wheel profile is square to give an edged lip to prevent the wheel from slipping sideways. Some people are looking for wheels that break traction easier for sliding maneuvers and look for wheels with rounded edge profiles.

To be honest I could go on forever about longboarding wheels , and I’ll be posting information about other longboarding wheels such as Orangatangs and Abec 11′s. Hopefully this guide will help you select the best longboard wheels that fit your skating style.

By the way, if you are by any chance new to longboarding, check out this awesome video brought to you by the guys of Loaded Longboards. This is Adam S. Riding a Loaded Vanguard with R-II randals trucks and Abec 11 Gumballs. Continue reading “Everything you should know about Longboard Wheels” »